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Q. What is EATS365?

– A cloud-based POS for hospitality – cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants.

Q. Is EATS365 new?

– EATS365 is 6 years old and available across 19 countries, POS Connections has exclusive distribution for NZ and Australia.

Q. What is different about Eats365?

– Eats365 is Cloud based, it has additional features not offered with other POS solutions.
It can be used via the Eats 365 App and/or Web, can operate via your own device and offers an opportunity to add a self-serve kiosk.

Q. Why should I use or change to EATS365?

– It is a low cost, powerful all in one solution offering App, Web, QR ordering and Self- Service kiosk options.

Q. Is Eats365 supported locally?

– Yes, it supported all over New Zealand by local people. But the best thing is because it is Cloud based, we can make changes for you quickly.

Q. What is the difference with being Cloud based?

– Having everything Cloud based means your information can be retrieved anytime, anywhere and there is no need for reinstating your system from back-up.
– If files are stored locally on your terminal you are at risk of losing this information should an issue arise with your hardware.

Q. Why should I go to the cloud?

– Being Cloud based gives you a lot more flexibility with the likes of your database and loyalty systems.

Q. What happens if my internet goes down?

– EATs365 will work without internet except some functions are limited.
– In a multi-lane environment only, the primary will work however you can hotspot to your phone or purchase an iPad that includes mobile connectivity.

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