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Q. Why won’t my terminal work?

– Is it plugged in at the wall and switched on, you would be surprised how often this is the problem!
– If this doesn’t work disconnect it and try logging on again.
– Check internet connections.

Q. Why is my Eftpos terminal offline?

– Because it cannot find a network or internet connection.
– Check your internet and your SIM card is active.

Q. How do I find a receipt that is more than one transaction old/previous transactions?

– You can only reprint the last transaction on an Eftpos terminal.
– Paymark can provide this reporting
– You will always be able to call up previous receipts from your POS.

Q. Why is my printer not printing?

– Turn off and leave for 30 seconds before plugging back in.
– If still doesn’t work replace the paper roll.
– If either of these do not work, you may have a faulty printer.

Q. Why am I being asked for a signature on every transaction?

– The terminal is offline

Q. My terminal is showing contacting secondary IP.

– This means your terminal is offline

Q. What happens’ when we change form ADSL to Fibre?

– There is no need to do anything unless you change your provider and require a new router.

Q. How do I get a merchant number?

– From your bank

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