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Explore seamless integration and unlock powerful features for your restaurant.

In today’s connected world, stand-alone POS solutions just don’t cut it anymore. A connected solution provides better efficiency from the Front of the House to the Back of House, as well as better data analytics in the Back-office – leading to higher customer retention.

Eats365 uses hardware people are familiar with and can rely on. Your POS system can be configured using iPads, Smartphones, Media Players, Screens, self-service kiosks and online ordering using the Web or APP.

Eats365, Point of Sale System  POSConnections.png

Peace of mind managing your business data anytime.

This Point of Sale functionality is designed under one platform, making it one of the best cloud POS solutions available. Being cloud-based you have access to your data anytime, anywhere while at the same time, you can focus on driving business and boosting patronage.


In addition, customise your restaurant with the expandable modules to build a system that grows with your business, enhances workflow and fits your budget.

Eats365 cloud and module diagram  POSConnections.png


Whether you want to provide your customers with a better experience or improve your business efficiency let Eats365 help.

All the Eats365 modules integrate together to provide a seamless experience.


  • Flexible menu design

  • Combos and modifiers

  • Customisable menu keys

  • Intuitive table management

  • Order tracking

  • Coursing

  • Inventory tracking

  • Custom discounts

  • Multilingual support

  • User and security group management

  • Comprehensive printer settings

Eats365, Point of Sale System  POSConnections.jpg


  • Convenient table side ordering

  • Removes pen and paper ordering by staff

  • Lessens staff input errors

  • Order tracking

  • Sends orders directly to kitchen and POS

  • improves efficiency

Eats365, mPos Module for Table Side Ordering  POSConnections.png


  • Keep track of orders

  • Configurable display

  • Bump orders

  • Multiple ways to view orders

  • Colored item indicators

  • Order history

Eats365, Kitchen Display Module to track your orders 2  POSConnections.png


  • Add the wow factor to your menu

  • Customise your offer with promotions

  • Customise your menus

  • Customise to the time of day

  • Seamless Eats365 integration

  • Mobile mode your server can select the table number

  • Optional approval process

  • Servers can accept, reject or modify orders

  • Multi language

Eats365, Photo Menu Module to simplify your menu promotion  POSConnections.png


  • Connect to your current website or we can have a domain for you

  • No need to download any app

  • Easy payment via Stripe

  • Ability to Scan & order

  • Orders sent directly to POS and Kitchen printers

  • Supports both pickup and delivery

Eats 365, Web Ordering Module  POSConnections.jpg


  • Fully-automated service

  • Automatically fire orders

  • Automated custom menus

  • Easy browsing

  • Multilingual support

  • Immediate payment

  • Flexible payment options

  • Fully-integrated with pagers

  • Fully integrated with Eats365 POS

Eats365, Self-Service Kiosk for fully automated customer service  POSConnections.jpg


  • Seamless integration for easy financial management

  • Sync sales and financial data effortlessly

  • Enhance accuracy and efficiency in accounting processes

  • Access real-time insights for informed decision-making

  • Simplify reporting tasks

Image by Headway


  • Place orders from guests' own devices

  • Promote directly to customers

  • Get found easily

  • Mobile sales

  • Online queuing

  • White label customisability

  • Automatic or managed order processing

  • Auto notifications on queuing status and menu updates

  • Fully integrated: Eats365POS and module

Eats365, User App Module so customers ca


  • QR code mobile ordering

  • QR codes can display information directly to your customers

  • Once scanned customers will see what you want them to see

  • Choose what you want to display; Menu, Promotions, Business Information, Website

Eats365, Order at Table Module  POSConnections.jpg
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