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Idealpos knows hospitality and retail,

it was designed for it 

Customers can be served faster from any terminal including wireless handheld devices.
Idealpos offers the flexibility of a system that is fully integrated and modular in design.
You can have a single lane or configure it for multi-terminal or multi-site.

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Idealpos software can be used on terminals, back office computers and hand-held devices.
The modules offered make sure your business runs as efficiently as possible.


Handheld Ordering

Idealpos has developed a handheld app for Apple iPhone, iPos and iPad devices to

allow staff to offer better service on the floor to your customers. Offering advanced capabilities to place an order quickly or

allow the customers to place their own order this is a time saver in your pocket. What better way to increase sales while

offering better service than to have the POS right there when you need it.

Staff have the ability to do what they do best,

and that’s to give great customer service.


Stock Manage

Idealpos utilises an app to allow better management tools for the serious side of your business, stock control.

With Stock Manage you are able to perform a stocktake on all your locations, transfer stock between locations, receive items into

stock and assign barcodes to all items. If required you can use a scanning device. Stock Manage links directly to Idealpos and

transfers data in a matter of seconds, allowing you to get on with the job you need to do.


Shopify Integration

Shopify integrates directly to your Idealpos POS system. That means, orders will be

automatically sent to your POS, registered for reporting purposes and

utomatically print using your existing in-store printer.


Online Reporting

Idealpos Online is a cloud based reporting solution for businesses using Idealpos 7 Point of Sale Software.

Built for any size business, simply connect one or multiple POS Terminals to Idealpos Online and

as soon as the initial synchronisation is complete, you will be able to access all the historical information

saved in your POS databases directly from Idealpos Online’s website.


Online Ordering



• Customers can order for “NOW’

• Orders can be scheduled in advance

• Customers can add notes to orders

• One click and your customer can recall and place their last order

• Customers can access your campaigns by clicking offers or

entering voucher codes

• Mobi2Go offers flexible payment options

• Payment details can be securely stored

• Orders can be made with or without making an account

• Email your branded receipt after purchase

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